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Infidelity & Cheating Spouses

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Eyewitness Investigations has experienced private investigators located all in cocoa beachFlorida that specialize in infidelity cases. By using experienced discreet surveillance and undercover operations, our investigators can assist you in determining if your significant other is committing infidelity. We will document all their activities; places visited, and also identify who they meet with. In addition, we will obtain video and / or photographic documentation of all activities and of all suspects. You will also receive a thorough investigative report and video documentation of the investigation results obtained. Furthermore, we can testify on the findings in any court proceeding if it is needed. 

Child Custody Investigations

Eyewitness Investigation’s cocoa beachprivate investigators are located throughout Florida and thoroughly understand the importance of conducting child custody Investigations.   Many parents, grandparents and other concerned family members have found that the evidence we have obtained during our child custody investigations have helped them finally get full custody of their children based upon the results of our investigations.

Many parents have serious concerns about the fitness of the other parent and possibly the other people that their children are exposed to in their environment. These concerns range from children "acting out" by expressing reluctance or refusal to go with the other parent at the actual exchange of custody, to a parent's abuse of drugs or alcohol. It is also often possible for a parent with substance abuse issues to present themselves as competent to the court, making it necessary to document to the court their choices in behavior when no court official is watching. We can obtain the evidence you need using expert surveillance and video when appropriate.  Our cocoa beachinvestigators are licensed by the State of Florida and testify in Court to help you win Custody of your child and help to end the nightmares you may be dealing with.

We conduct in depth private investigations and covert surveillance operations with a focus on providing you with evidence to assist the courts in determining the character and suitability of parents in child custody cases.

Our experienced private investigators specialize in child custody investigations. We can follow your spouse during the scheduled visitation to determine possible unlawful or improper activity during the time your child is in their care.  In addition it is also very helpful to document what activities go on at that residence at other times as well to document by videotaping activities, lifestyle, living conditions and any persons they may be associating with. A background check may also be conducted any of subjects they associate with.

With the completed investigation, you will receive a thorough background investigation including the detailed report and video documentation of all activities which were observed by the cocoa beachprivate investigator assigned to your case.

Background Checks / Personal Locates

Eyewitness Investigations cocoa beachPrivate investigators have experience that can provide you with cost effective techniques and thousands of databases which are utilized to locate witnesses, missing relatives, dead-beat spouses, high school sweethearts, old friends and other persons you are trying to locate. 

Let Eyewitness Investigations Private Investigators help you get the information you need to make important decisions in your life. 

Nanny | Pre- Marital | Pre-Employment Background Checks

Background searches and neighborhood investigations are effective in screening applicants and obtaining their true profile. Eyewitness Investigations will conduct a thorough background investigation on an applicant upon request to determine prior civil and criminal history, driving records, etc. A pre-employment release form is required  in order to complete this type of investigation.

Specially tailored investigations are completed through on-site courthouse research or on-line databases. This type of investigation is utilized to determine the subject's character, reputation, employment status, civil history, criminal history, medical history ( hospital searches ) and other specific research. Background Investigations are useful in these additional areas:  Pre-Marital, Pre-Dating, Business Relations, Nannies, Pre/Post Litigation, etc.

All Types of Discreet Personal Private Investigations Avaiable.

We provide a comprehensive range of quality private detective services and are always ready to discuss your urgent and important needs.

Eyewitness Investigations is a fully licensed Florida Private Investigator and is equipped with state of the art equipment to get you top results.

We specialize in the following private investigations:
Spouse Surveillance | Child Custody | Surveillance | Cheating Spouses | Missing Persons | Private Background Checks | Video Surveillance | Workers Compensation Fraud | Disability Claim Fraud | Auto Liability Fraud | Medical Malpractice Fraud | General Liability Fraud


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