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Professional Private Investigations

Eyewitness Investigations is a licensed investigative agency specializing in professional investigations, insurance investigations, personal investigations and domestic surveillance in Florida and the Southeast.

Since 1992, Eyewitness Investigations has helped thousands of clients to save millions of dollars by providing the information needed to make decisions based on solid evidence - not conjecture or guess work.

Investigative and Surveillance Services

Our Eyewitness Investigators specialize in investigating worker’s compensation, liability, and medical malpractice claims. Surveillance is usually conducted for trial evidence and documentation purposes. Surveillance is completed at the request of the Client, and is done on consecutive days, or on specific days and times when the person is most likely to be active. We have a special link on this web site designed for our insurance Clients. They have the ability to log on to our web-site and obtain a user name and password which will allow them to monitor the progress of the investigation on their claims.

Eyewitness Investigations has the latest state of the art video surveillance equipment. Evidence can be provided to our Clients in several formats. At your request, the videotape obtained can be provided for you in DVD format, Video CD, VHS, or email.

Workers Compensation and Disability Claims

Our Florida Private Investigators specialize in investigating claims all over the state of Florida. We have been in business since 1992 and have an experienced staff of licensed investigators who are highly trained and able to get the results needed to make decisions based upon facts.

Eyewitness Investigators have completed over 10,000 workers comp and disability claims investigations. Our Client base has continued to grow since 1992 when we first began serving the Central Florida Community. We have continued to expand the geographical area of our services to include the entire State of Florida. We attribute our success over the years to the fact that we pay attention to details and understand that the completed investigation plays an integral part in closing claims. We appreciate the trust our Clients place with us and continue to conduct serious surveillance meeting the specific requests of our Clients.

Auto Liability Claims

Our accident investigators conduct on-site accident investigations and reconstruction investigations. Our investigators obtain scene photographs, obtain witness statements, locate and interview witnesses, gather evidence and investigate victims. The facts about the minor impact accident or the multi-car incident is part of the evidence we gather to help our Adjusters with their claims.

Medical Malpractice

We have been hired by doctors, dentists, and their lawyers to prove the legitimacy of medical malpractice claims. Surveillance of the Subject has proven to be very helpful to determine the actual limitations of a person and not what they are claiming is true. Oftentimes the person under surveillance needs to be watched for an extended period of time or the surveillance needs to be done at varied times of the day, including evening, night, and on weekends to get an actual picture of their real activities. Eyewitness Investigations experienced investigators can be scheduled to conduct surveillance whenever the best time for possible activity is likely to be obtained. We have been very successful in helping obtain concrete evidence, which when presented in court has saved our Clients millions of dollars in claims.

General Liability / Fraud Investigations

Eyewitness Investigations has conducted fraud investigations related to fire investigations, theft, and many other types of investigations related to fraud. We have the ability to complete a thorough detailed background investigation and obtain evidence related to the case which will help to complete the claim. Our investigators have specialized training in interviewing techniques and have experience conducting these investigations.

We provide a comprehensive range of quality private detective services and are always ready to discuss your urgent and important needs.

Eyewitness Investigations is a fully licensed Florida Private Investigator and is equipped with state of the art equipment to get you top results.

We specialize in the following private investigations:
Spouse Surveillance | Child Custody | Surveillance | Cheating Spouses | Missing Persons | Private Background Checks | Video Surveillance | Workers Compensation Fraud | Disability Claim Fraud | Auto Liability Fraud | Medical Malpractice Fraud | General Liability Fraud


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